Techniques for planting and caring for dahlia flowers outdoors

The dahlia in us has two varieties of single and double flowers. The single flower variety, which is also of the ancestral nature, has only one wing ring, the color is beautiful, but it has not been seen for a long time. Dual flower varieties are very beautiful, many shapes and colors. Like the wings of a puppet, the petals were torn like a petal, like a honeycomb.

Flowers bloom brilliantly but it is very fragrant. Distinctive characteristics are opposite leaves, with large bulging roots containing stockpile, inedible food. Roots should be horizontal and require good soil, deep, neutral pH. However, there are many varieties like red flags, too many stools, obese trees for poor flowers, lotus petals, lack of feces or less fertilization to prevent flowers from growing and being sick. As with most other seasonal plants, it is necessary to have a proportion of N.P.K that is very balanced, very fond of northern feces, bright and vibrant flower colors.

It is a tuberous plant of the chrysanthemum family, with a diameter of 3 to 10cm, body height of 30 to 50cm. The technique of growing flowers is not available, the time when dahlia flowers bloom from June to September. Dahlia flowers cannot stand the heat of summer and the cold of winter, but only enjoy the coolness of the season. summer.

1. Conditions for planting dahlia flowers outdoors

Pharmacy can adapt to many climates, from cold to hot and humid climates. The bulbs of dahlia have a time to sleep, so in temperate climates, frost can be successfully grown as an ornamental tree for outdoor decoration.

Medicinal herbs like light to avoid the sun, cool summer season they like to grow in the half shade half bright. Pharmacopoeia has the ability to bear cold, drought. Before planting, it is necessary to apply manure and bone meal.

Flowers of dahlia have many varieties including dwarf, medium and high varieties. Flowers have different colors such as lemon yellow, dark yellow, light purple, dark purple, dark brown, white striped brown, purple white spots, red.

2. Breeding flowers and flowers to make ornamental plants outdoors

Propagation of flowers is made of ornamental plants outdoors by seeds, only applied with single flower size, dual flower varieties propagated by buds or buds, axillary buds. About 4 to 5 months when the medicinal plants do not allow the flowers to die, cut off the stem, leave 20 to 30cm, beat the whole tree, put it in a cool place or put the soil into bundles, put in the house.

At the beginning of August, the roots were planted, remembering that if the stem fragments were lost, the roots could not produce well-grown shoots, after 15 to 20 days from the stems, sprouted sprout. Every 12 to 15 days, take scion once and bring it. If the soil is in a high place, leave the whole tree intact, summer requires eao trees to cover it.

In July or 8, the buds were sprouted, and many shoots were removed with 4 to 6 leaves. If the whole stem was removed, the roots of the mother were quickly rooted. Can also cut the tree.

Root digging: the appropriate time is mid-November. After digging up, do not remove the soil, so store it in a place that is not soaked with frost.

3. Take care of the dahlia flower plants which are decorated outdoors during propagation

Preparing mother tree garden: if needing to grow from 15 to 20 hectares of dahlia, there should be 1 ha of mother seed garden to ensure quality and pestilent. In addition to the standards of flower production gardens, the arrangement of the force to select the mother plant must ensure the technical requirements such as tall, airtight, close to the road to facilitate the transportation, preservation of preschool and if there are things It is advisable to build a house covered with nylon to avoid heavy rain, high winds and hot sun.

The selected seedlings were imported, from tissue culture or from sprouts in the garden to produce more strong, healthy, pest-free roots grown at a distance of 15 x 15cm (400,000 plants / ha). After planting from 12 to 15 days, start the first time to plant the branches for many branches and 20 times after the first time to press the tops.

After 2 tops of tops from an original mother tree, 9 to 15 tops can be cut and cutted. This tops also works to create canopies, sprouting plants. After that, every 1 to 15 days, 1 seed is collected. Thus, from 1 tree can give up to 50 to 70 sprouts.

With such a high level of cutting and sprouting in a season of 4 to 6 months, 1 ha of mother trees can provide between 6 and 8 million buds to grow from 15 to 20 hectares.

Preparing the house of cuttings: If conditions permit, use fixed houses with greenhouses, greenhouses with devices to regulate light, wind, temperature and humidity. In addition, people can design simple houses with cheap materials such as curled bamboo bars with arches from n2.2 to 2.5m long, 1.8 to 2m high. covered with 2 layers of nylon to limit light intensity and reduce temperature, limit rain and wind and keep moisture inside.

Choose cuttings, not too old, not too young, have a healthy life with a length of 6 to 8cm, with 3 to 4 green leaves, no pests to bring them. Big branches, leaves are too thin (3 x 3cm = 1,000 branches / m2); small branches, less thick leaves (2.5 x 2.5cm = 1,500 branches / m2); autumn is thicker than summer.

4. Caring for flowers and plants as ornamental plants for outdoor decoration

After 7 to 8 days the seeds will germinate. After 20 to 25 days, seedlings will be transferred to new pots to take care. Dahlia is a light-loving species, so leave the plants outdoors. But when preparing to bud, pay attention to put the tree in the dark, where the temperature is low to make the plants flowering. At the same time watering every morning and evening to create moisture for the soil, avoiding the situation of sunburned trees.

Fertilizer for dahlia is mainly manure and compost. In the process of making the bud, pay attention to adding nutrients to the plants for beautiful flowers.

Pest and disease control: Dahlia flowers are often eaten by leaf worms, leaf rollers and fungi. Leaf spot disease will arise mainly in the rainy season due to humid weather, yellow head spots on the leaves appear, then spread into round brown spots. In this case, you should use Zineb 0.1% water and Boocdo 0.5% to spray.

If the tree rot rots, the main reason is because water is irrigated so much that the soil is too moist. The only way to deal with this situation is to clean the 60 degree alcohol, then replant it.

5. How to control pests for dahlia flowers

Dahlia flower pots are vulnerable to leaf-eating worms, leaf-worms and can be spread by fungi. Leaf spot disease also often occurs in the rainy season, yellow leaves appear on the leaves and spread into brown spots.

You can use Bordeaux 0.5% or Zineb 0.1% to prevent it. For root rot disease mainly due to soil accumulation. After getting rotten, you can use clean 60 degree alcohol and replant it.

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