Grow indoor water plants in combination with fish farming

Growing green plants in the home is considered a solution to bring the green of nature into the living space, and drop fish into the lake with greenery to add vitality to the lake. Putting trees under water into the house, we previously had an article on this issue. In this article we will guide you to bring ornamental fish into the aquarium is available, how to clean the aquarium, how to care for ornamental fish in the lake.

How to stock fish in the lake

Our trees are growing, and we want them to become more alive, this is where we need to stock some fish, the movement of the aquarium will not be the space in the lake , but it also makes our living space more vivid.

In order to put fish in the tank we first need to check the oxygen concentration in the tank, which is essential. But if the plants under water are developing normally, the lack of oxygen is not possible, so for lakes with too few green trees need this step. If we fish well, then after two days we drop the remaining fish into the tank, which is the best measure of oxygen concentration and water stability.

How to clean the aquarium

To clean the aquarium we need to add another device that is a water purifier, this machine in the market there are many, we can search for the keyword: “waterfall filter”. This is the best filter. In addition to refilling, we need to change the water twice a week, eliminating fish waste and old leaves from decaying plants.

How to care for ornamental fish in the lake

It’s not as simple as taking care of fish in a fish tank alone, in lakes with many ornamental plants, the temperature is always lower than normal lakes, which facilitates the growth of pathogenic fungi. fish. We need to check the fish regularly, if we have the disease we need to separate for care in a special way at normal temperature suitable for the development of fish, we should choose the type Fish can survive well under the temperature conditions in the tree.

Putting fish into the underwater pond helps our living space to become lively and relaxed, so to experience this feeling we need to spend less time justly, and just follow What we have mentioned in this article, we will do this.

Indoor plants decorated in the house

You are feeling too stuffy with tropical climates, and you want to improve it by planting trees and putting water into the decorations in your home. Planting aquatic plants for decorative purposes, or aquariums, is the solution to this problem. Planting plants under water should pay attention to plant nutrients, light, water flow, plants that can be grown under water, providing co2 for photosynthesis. In this article we will step by step solve these problems.

Nutrition for plants

Nutrition for aquatic plants is not a problem too complex, there are currently many types of fertilizers available for the underwater plant, which include groundwater and fertilizer. The ground we give when we plant a tree, the water we put in after the tree has grown and absorbed almost all the nutrients in the lake.

Light for trees

Light is essential for photosynthesis, with a level of 1 w for a liter of water. If you have 40 liters of water, you need a 40 watt lamp. However, this calculation is not entirely correct, for some plants that do not need strong light such as moss, we only need a light bulb of about 0.5 w for a liter of water. If we plant trees for blue, just white light of the led is enough. But if you plant trees with leaves like color white or red, then need color lights to help make the tree beautiful.

Flow of water

In addition to nature, such as a smooth lake without flowing water, there will not be many creatures, and the creatures living in the lake will not be beautiful. This also applies to indoor water plants. In order to grow beautiful and fast growing plants, we need to have filters and flow so that the water in the tank is always circulated.

Plants that can be grown under water

Plants that can be grown under water have now been found and have bred to produce a variety of plants, such as Java moss, Mos moss, Mini Fiss moss. These are trees that need less light and less CO2, and The higher and more colorful trees such as Bucep, Nana rhododendron, and other high-end trees.

CO2 for indoor decorative plants

Co2 is essential for the photosynthesis of aquatic plants. So one way or another we have to provide enough Co2 for our plants. Currently on the market offers a wide range of co2 replacement products in combination with water dispenser, which is suitable for beginners under water bonsai.

Water for bonsai lake

The water source for the bonsai pond is clean water, the current source is tap water, most of the water is available, but the amount of chlorine in the tap water is the dark matter for the growth of the plant. and the animals live in the lake, so we need to treat the water by leaving 24 hours of water outside the lake before putting it into the lake.

Growing plants under water is not too difficult, we just need to pay attention to the supply of essential nutrients, pay attention to water sources, provide additional co2 for photosynthesis, ensure enough light for photosynthesis and play.