The plants in the bedroom help you sleep well

Jasmine, orchid, lavender, filter air and pleasant aroma to help relax, sleep well.


The plant is famous for its pleasant aroma and floral aromas, which help regulate blood pressure and reduce stress so that the body relaxes efficiently. Research shows that this scent helps children reduce crying, deep sleep and reduce stress for new mothers. According to Organic Life, lavender plants can be grown in some cool climates such as Dalat. The smell of lavender essential oil has the same effect.


The decorative plants have graceful flowers, absorb CO2 at night and provide oxygen for the living space. Many people place orchids in resting space to nourish their sleep.


Smooth and mild breath in the wind is good for both your physical and mental. Pleasant floral fragrance brings you deep sleep, no dreaming. Jasmine is easy to grow, easy to care in hot climate like Saigon or Hanoi.

Tiger tree

Plants help to filter out toxins, improve air quality, bring a healthy environment for sleep. Plant a few tiger-buds in a white pot, watering regularly to keep the living space fresh and fresh.

Aloe Vera

The multi-purpose plant is both effective as a food, beautifying as well as decorating plants and filtering the air efficiently. Aloe vera is good absorbed carbon dioxide and oxygen at night should be appropriate in the bedroom or work room lack of daylight.

The sail

This plant is also known as the herb, which is a hot herb, herbaceous, should be irrigated regularly, light light. Consider planting them because they are not good for pets. One advantage of the sail is the ability to filter out benzene VOC, a highly carcinogenic substance in paints, polishes, wax polishing furniture. It helps to neutralize acetone, formaldehyde and trichloroethylen, which are derived from electronic devices, adhesives and detergents.