Experience Nana White indoor plantation decoration

Nana white first appeared in Indonesia many years ago, this is Nana petite’s extremely rare, strange and beautiful mutant form. The first one has Nana white in the lake that has been bred and sold all over the world at a very high price. However, on a beautiful day, he put in Nana white nursery ponds to grow in his indoor decorative aquarium some strange plants and after only 1 to 2 days, all of the lakes were the phenomenon of mass washing and cannot save.

Players around the world are still like Nana but it grows very slowly, and the first and only person until now succeeds in tissue transplantation. In the US and European countries, they also sell a kind of white wax at a very high price, but in fact the sophisticated player looks at it, most of them are marble marbles, but the color is very white but When growing in an aquarium, there is always a tendency to return to green.

I myself have not liked and been interested in this plant for many years, the reason is that I see the white and blue color of old leaves look like plants with Fe deficiency and moss green patches. But because I also want to study in depth about it, I accidentally love the beauty of this plant, and acknowledge that white wax (and bucep – a plant I have never liked) is worth playing and worth it. buy out.

Overview information, Nana White indoor plantation decoration

The biggest difference of Nana White’s indoor decoration is pure white, but a close look still has a thin layer of green chlorophyll to photosynthesis, and since the plant is less chlorophyll than the other green and red plants, Indoor decorative nana trees need medium to high light, plus abundant co2 for beautiful white.

It’s kind of nocturnal but the water, nutrition, light, and co2 requirements are much more difficult than others. If light is lost, white wax often loses its whiteness quickly, easily leaves and moss attacks. Similarly, lack of co2 causes white wax to return to green very quickly and deciduous.

Tds for Nana White indoor plantation decoration

On nutrition, I have tested many lakes from a lake with a low 40 to 50 ppm, to Tds of 300 or more, white waxes live and grow well. Lake in the clip is tds 45 and very little nutrition. I feel that the white wax is very strong and withstands many nutritional environments, as long as you keep the lake clean and organic, don’t let heavy metals because it hates, keep the lake from moss because it is a species develop slowly so it is easily attacked by moss.

gH for the Nana White indoor plantation decoration

gH lets your white wax test from RO water with gH from 1, to gH lakes 12 to 15 degrees tall, the plants still live well. It is possible to deduce that gH is not so important, but only high gH can be protected from heavy metal and microbial poisoning. If possible, you can lighten gH to bring gH to 6 to 10, which is best, but gH is high, you also have to add a little higher water (NPK and micro quantity higher).

The kH and pH levels for the Nana White indoor plantation decoration

kH and pH, not too important, well developed in the common pH of aquariums (from 5.5 to 8). However, the pH in the lake is low, the microorganisms appear to be stronger, so if the lake is not well managed, white wax is easily clinging to black moss.

N P K for nappies Nana White indoor plantation decoration

In terms of multiple micronutrients, N P K is relatively important but not necessarily high. White wax can withstand very lean (low) to extremely high levels (No3 50 ppm).

Nana’s micronutrient fertilizer is white

In terms of micronutrients, it prefers a very small amount of micronutrient in water and hates high concentrations of heavy metals. You limit the amount of Fe put into the tank with white wax.

Nana’s organic material is white

Organic matter is an enemy of white wax, if organic is too high (as in some sources of well water), white wax is susceptible to leaf blight (possibly organic poisoning, making it impossible to eat potassium), yellowing leaves , crushed from outside, starting from old leaves. If you have the above symptoms, consider the water source, the foundation is too old, the lake is too dirty due to fish feces, substrate and find ways to change water or handle it in time.

The white Nana is easily infected

The weakness of white wax (and most of them) is the fear of being attacked by bacteria. This bacterium once made many players sad because the white Nana was sick. The symptoms of infection are that the stem rot is young, the leaves are spread very quickly, then infected through Nana petite and the lake. In order to limit the infection, you should soak it with a little diluted salt, or dilute the violet in a few minutes when you buy it. The lake planted with white wax should limit its hand to the lake, I encounter some cases that my client is also an aqua shop so always separate many kinds of plants, then reach into the white lake, resulting in a pool of infected, washable lakes Clean from white wax to petite. It is also advisable to limit the number of trees and fish to the pond if the source is unknown.