Things to know when planting and taking care of Loc Vung tree

Sesame tree is one of the most beautiful and popular ornamental plants suitable to the climate of Vietnam. However, in order to grow the beautiful sesame tree, we need to pay attention to the conditions of light, fertilizer and watering the plants, creating an ancient feature of Loc Vung tree and pots of Loc Vung tree. In this article we will guide you step by step to take care of and conquer this kind of bonsai.

1. Lighting conditions for well-grown Loc Vung tree

The light for good growth is high light, when we need to grow the succulent tree we need to bring the tree to a place with high light, or if we want to plant trees in low light areas we need to organize more lights, this helps better photosynthesis, ensuring that nutrients are brought throughout the body of the Sesame tree.

2. Fertilizers and watering plants

Fertilizers and watering plants are essential for any kind of ornamental plants, not only ornamental trees does it need essential nutrients and proper irrigation to help the Sesame tree grow well and show off. its inherent beauty.

Fertilizing for Loc Vung tree

Sesame Loc is inherently one of the plants that do not need too much fertilizer because they do not need too much nutrients to grow, saying that does not mean that we cut off all the nutrients needed for the plant, we Should choose processed organic fertilizer to grow well, we need to pay attention not to choose too much fertilizer of urea by urea content to make it easy for rotten plants to lead to stem rot.

Water the Sesame tree

The Sesame tree is inherently not so focused on water supply, however, we need to pay attention not to let the Sesame tree suffer from dehydration leading to dry wilt, leading to the burning of leaves, dry branches, leading to dead body. We can also lower the Sesame tree into the water, which helps us save time for irrigation during the conquest of Loc Vung tree.

3. Create ancient features for Loc Vung tree

Sesame tree is one of the woody ornamental plants, we easily create ancient features if we are interested in the growing conditions of the bark of this ornamental plant. In order to create ancient features firstly, we need time to make the Sesame tree get the roughness and the beautiful moss. In order to create beautiful mosses, we need to pay attention to the humidity where the plants are planted and the light for the Sesame tree. We need to water regularly after removing moss from other areas, sweeping the trunk and potted plants well.

Above we have just presented how to make the pot of Loc Vung and Loc Vung trees become more beautiful and ancient. We do well these problems that will solve the problem we need in the Sesame tree, but to make the tree grow well and flower on time we need to pay attention to many other issues, we will cover Access those issues in the following articles.