Types of fish in the house easy to care

There are many types of fish in the house, most of the freshwater fish can be used as pets. In this article we will look at the types of fish in the house but do not need special care.

First of all, it is Betta

Betta fish in some Southeast Asian countries, which are easy to feed, do not need to supply oxygen to fish, do not have to change water every day, no need to feed every day and even once a week feeding, healthy fish should be less severe. However, these fish can not be kept together but must be kept separate from each other.

Guppy fish

Guppies have a shimmering color to live in a herd, easily shared, guppies are also tropical-like fish. Fish foods are small organisms, plankton, and can also be used as commercial feed for fish. This fish can be kept indoors or outdoors. Easy reproduction is also the point many people choose this fish is the scene. As fishes give birth, it is not too difficult to care for juveniles but separate juveniles so that they are not disturbed by the fish.

Guppies are one of the most popular and popular aquarium fish species. Because this is one of the fish that is easy to feed, easy to feed and birth. However, this fish is very sensitive to the variation of the environment and the disease, so if not thoughtful in the way of raising, fish can die mass. So, before you intend to feed 7 colors, let’s find out some information about guppies and how to raise guppies.

The shrimps

Shrimp are algae-eating organisms, ephemera, easy to raise. Especially in temperate climates, shrimps grow very fast. There are many beautiful species in the market today. They have colorful shells, such as black, chocolate, red and many other colors. The food for shrimps is algae so to provide food for this species we just need to put some moss into the pond. This is also a fast reproduction in large numbers.

The above are some species that can be easily cultured in the house, breeding or breeding with breeding. Hopefully through this article you will choose for yourself the fish are beautiful and easy to raise.