Decorative vines

The use of vines to decorate the external environment helps to make some places in our house more beautiful, closer to nature, in this article we will guide you to choose the location of vines, how to care for vines.

Location of vines

Vines are not like trees or other grassy plants, they need space to grow and space has to be planted. So we should choose places like balconies, windows, eaves to plant trees. These positions not only help the tree to hold in place but when the tree has grown and flowering will make our house more romantic, beautiful.

How to care for vines

Water for vines

Most vines are trees that need not too much water nor too little to grow, so we should prepare mounds higher than the ground where we intend to plant. This helps the tree not get flooded, root rot. The water we supply daily does not need too much, if prepared mounds are good then we just water until the soil above is wet.

Fertilize the plants

Fertilization for vines is not the same as the tree is based on the cover of the foliage to know the cover of the roots. Here we do not apply this rule. We fertilize the tree by digging a layer of soil and then adding fertilizer, then fill the soil.

Advantages of vines, summer sunflowers

Vines, fast growing hoaleo for beautiful flowers always get the most attention and favor. At present, Thang Long bonsai has a diverse collection of beautiful climbing flowers with a full range of aromatic colors, and they grow very fast and stable over many years, with many varieties and sizes. The prices are different so that you can choose to suit the needs of planting and decorating your garden.

Many people worry that the vines can damage the wall quickly, affecting the waterproofing outside the building. Understanding the characteristics of climbing trees we have studied many ways to suit each terrain, waterproof, easy to install, low cost.

Choosing the location and care of the vines is not too difficult, but we need to comply with what we have outlined above.

The trees are decorated outdoors

Outdoor decorative trees are fed by our fathers or we can domesticate these trees by putting the trees or wild plants in their garden. The shade tree shades the shade, shielding the unwanted light, masking the wind, adding to the ancient splendor of the house.

Tree trunks decorated with flowers

The tree decorating the house with flowers is a plant that can give seasonal flowers, such as sesame tree, in addition there are also species that can give red leaves are very nice, like maple Red leaf.

Wood for shade and block unwanted wind

Shade trees are often thick-leaved in the sunny season, especially in tropical climates. We should choose the trees for the big and thick leaves, so that when the leaves fall leaves we easily clean the garden.

Trees with large and thick leaves can also be used to cover undesirable winds, such as the southwestern winds in Vietnam, which carry the heat. So when we use trees to shield less, the air flow into the home will calm down.

Trees add to the ancient splendor of the house

Classic-style houses, often with rough woods, add to the classic look of the house, so we choose the perennial timbers to get the chunky pieces of the tree.

The tree reduces the defects of the house

The house we have more or less defects that we need to cover it, so we will use the tree, shading sun shade and less defects of it. Should choose the angle of view of the house to choose the right tree, large angle defects using large trees, small defects, we use small trees.

In this article we synthesize the functions of outdoor decorative plants. Hope the knowledge we provide will help you in choosing the house decoration trees in general and trees in particular.