Tree trunks decorated in the house

Trees decorated in the house are like trees decorated in front of the house, they all have the same characteristics and options you can find that article in this website. In addition, we need to take care of care like feces, water, dust everyday.

Fertilizer for trees decorated in the house

The decorative tree in the home we need to limit the source of nutrients, to limit the development of trees, if the tree grows too fast will damage the design we have spent much effort to do. However, we can not completely remove the nutrients from the soil. How to achieve this. The root system of the reed is usually covered with canopy, we only provide small amounts of fertilizer to the pot outside the root area. To do this we will not damage the root of the plant, the nutrients will also slowly spread into the roots of plants to help the plant to live.

Sprinkle with water

Water is always needed, we need to pay attention to watering the plants. Do not over water, just add enough water to keep the soil moist enough for 1 day. Too much water can not be drained, leading to waterlogging and root rot that lead to death.

Cleaning care plants

Cleaning daily care is essential. Living in the house should be weak light source, if too much dust clings to lead to the condition of photosynthetic plants and not to its inherent beauty. So every day we need to gently clean the dust on the leaves and the trunk.

We need to pay attention to fertilizing enough doses, supply enough water to maintain the plant life, daily cleaning plants to grow well so that the beauty of the bonsai.