Principles when watering ornamental plants

There are things that seem to be very simple but if not understood can cause unnecessary things. Green Clicks introduce some basic principles when watering plants.

1. Water in the early morning or late evening

When watering plants during the day, especially at noon, the sun and heat will evaporate the water before it can reach the roots. In addition, the sun can burn trees when drops of water stay on the leaves.

2. Provide water for bonsai in time

If you see that the tree is dry, withered leaves, these are the first signs that the plant is dehydrated. The straight blades begin to curl down, then wither and dry. However, most plants that are short of water can be saved by adding enough water every day.

3. Water the ornamental plants grown in small pots

Keep an eye on potted plants, in styrofoam containers because of low soil and shallow roots. Most of them will need to water every day in the summer. When you plant, leave a distance of 5cm between the soil and the pot to prevent water from spilling out.

4. Water ornamental plants grown in hanging baskets every day

In addition, you can occasionally check the humidity by pressing your finger a few centimeters deep into the soil. If you feel the soil is dry, you need to water it immediately. If the soil is too dry, you should move the plant a bit more shady.

5. Water the ornamental plants when the upper soil layer is too dry

At this time, watering will not sink down to the surface but only flow to the drainage hole. To solve this problem, you should poke lots of small holes on the ground surface, around the depths of the tree. Water will retain and moisten the soil gradually, seeping into the roots.

6. The amount of water required for ornamental plants

Provide maximum water for ornamental plants by watering each pot for at least 20 seconds. Watering less and frequently causes water to not penetrate deep into the soil. Water soaked in roots to help the roots grow more and more.

7. Reuse as many countries as possible

Water for washing rice and vegetable washing water are all good and suitable for plants. Not only do they save water, they also provide essential minerals.

8. Make automatic watering system when away from home long time

Drill a hole in the soft drink bottle cap. Then, fill the bottle with water, close the lid and bury the head in the soil near the trunk. Water will be provided little by little for the tree when the family is away and cannot be watered daily.

9. You should water ornamental plants with spray or watering cans

Fast and strong irrigation can wash away nutrients, destroy soil and harm plants. Moreover, watering plants with jars helps the flower plant not be broken.

Watering ornamental plants is our necessary action, in order to provide enough water for ornamental plants to grow well, to bring the inherent beauty of ornamental plants, from which ornamental plants help the throne Our home is more beautiful.