How to make organic fertilizer for ornamental plants

Organic fertilizers are fertilizers made from simple materials around our lives, making organic fertilizer not too difficult, simple and easy to find in life.

Organic fertilizer from rice water

Rice water contains many nutrients necessary for the development of plants in general and ornamental plants grown indoors or outdoors in particular, to make organic fertilizer from rice water we do not need to spend too much time. as well as money. We only need to take water to put rice into the pot, leave after 2 to 3 days then apply fertilizer to the plant. The amount of microorganisms present in the water to fill the rice after we have annealed will stimulate the plant to absorb the surrounding nutrients.

Organic fertilizer from the tree

The plants we prune, for the soft plants, we can bring fertilizer to the plant. This does not require much knowledge nor does it require a lot of time. We just need to take the software of the tree, put it into a heap, then take a cover of the soil. After some time, this time can not be measured by a specific date, because each plant has a different decay process. After seeing all the decomposed trees, we bring them fertilizer for the crops.

Fertilizer from banana peel

Banana peel is an essential fertilizer for many garden plants, because it contains a lot of phosphorus and potassium – important nutrients for plant growth. For plants living in small spaces such as pots, banana peels directly will cause root rot. Therefore, banana peel should be prepared by grinding with a pinch of salt (or rice water) and some egg shells to add calcium to the plant. This mixture produces fine, fine-grain fertilizer. People bring them to the ground and leave the land for about a week.

This is a fertilizer that provides nutrients to the plant so only a moderate amount should be used throughout the season, should not be used too much.

Making organic fertilizers for plants is not too difficult, in life we ​​easily meet the main raw materials to make two types of organic fertilizer mentioned above.

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