Instructions for raising white leg Sula shrimp

White-legged Sula cloves are one of the beautiful shrimp clones, in this article we will show you how to breed white legged Sula cloves properly for healthy shrimps and good colors. In order for this shrimp to live well and reproduce, we need to pay attention to the flow of water in the lake, the concentration of Ph in the shrimp pond, the quality of water to feed the shrimps, the shrimps can be kept with the Sula shrimp, fish species that can be kept with Sula shrimp.

Water flows in the Sula shrimp pond

White leg Sula shrimp prefers water flow with medium to high flow rate, so for ponds needing to pump with a capacity of half the volume of lakes, lakes with a volume of 40 liters, they must be equipped with pump capacity at least 20W. Besides, it is necessary to arrange the flow so that the water in the lake is always rotated, there must be no dead spots in the lake. In addition to selecting pumps and creating good flows, we should also plant more trees in the aquarium so that the clam will have a place to cling to food and to shelter when there are sudden external factors.

Ph concentration in the Sula shrimp pond

Sula cloves are not like other clones, they need high concentrations of Ph, so we need to check Ph levels regularly, to help shrimp have a stable environment to live and grow. If the pH level is low, we need to release Co2 gas and speed up the dissolution of oxygen into the water in the aquarium. Conversely, if the concentration of Ph is too high, we only need to release Co2 gas into the lake at a moderate level.

Water quality in white-legged Sula shrimp pond

White-legged Sula cloves not only require a high pH of water, but also need to pay attention to the hardness of water, which is not so important, we just need to make sure the water is kept Fresh water, containing no copper in the aquarium, does not contain too much iron in white Sula shrimp pond water. Besides, we need to equip the filter well enough to keep the white Sula shrimp pond clean.

The shrimps breed with white-legged Sula cloves

White-legged Sula cloves have a habitat unlike those of bees, so we cannot breed them with the shrimps of the bees. We can grow white Sula cloves with colored cloves, because the color of the shrimps has strong vitality, almost suitable for most freshwater environments.

Fishes can be kept with white-legged Sula cloves

Just like many other species of shrimp, we should only breed with moss-eating fish, and have small mouths. Because if they are kept with fish that have large mouths, they will eat the shrimps when they are newly born. This causes heavy losses to the ecosystem and the balance in the shrimp pond, let alone the amount of shrimp that will seriously affect if we do not strictly follow this step.

Above are the essentials to facilitate the white leg Sula clam raising, the knowledge we have provided will help you to succeed in conquering this beautiful species.

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