Guppies and how to breed healthy guppies

Guppies are one of the fish that people play with their favorite scenes and raise much. Because this is one of the fish that is quite easy to raise, it is easy to feed and give birth much. However, this fish is also very sensitive to the changes of the environment and diseases, so if not caring in the way of raising, fish can die mass. So, before we intend to keep the seven-color fish, let’s learn some information about guppies and how to breed guppies with a few deaths to gain more experience in aquarium farming.

7-color fish is one of the most popular freshwater ornamental fish in the world. This fish is a member of the giant family of fish with reproductive characteristics, which are mating fish.

Guppies are known for an extremely rich variety of fish colors: blue, black, red, orange. Currently, guppies in Vietnam are mainly of two types: snake-colored guppies and guppies with dark green, blue or red tail and white markings.

How to breed healthy guppies

If you breed guppies in a mini aquarium, pay attention to changing water regularly to ensure a clean, clean water. However, keep a portion of the old water of the aquarium or pumped water and leave it to settle for 3 – 4 days to replace it with the fish tank. You can put more in a few moss plants. These aquatic plants not only clean water but also create a play space for fish.

If you keep 7-color fish in large tanks, although you don’t have to change the water too often, you should also pay attention to the water environment test to make sure it’s the most favorable condition for the fish to grow. At the same time, you still need to keep a part of the old water when you give the fish water or put the old water into the tank when changing the water to prevent the fish from being shocked by the environment and die.

This is one of the important notes in how to breed guppies that all fish farmers need to pay special attention to.

Feed the guppies

Experts say: Guppies are very little fish. Meanwhile, the main cause of dirty water and pathogens causing fish deaths is due to excessive food surplus.

So, you need to study carefully the ability to eat the guppies’ food in the tank and apply them to avoid environmental contamination. In addition, if you have put algae or aquatic plants in the aquarium, the amount of food you need should be reduced.

Guppies breed

A female guppy can give birth periodically every 7-10 days. Each time, the number of fry ranges from 15 – 40. You can breed guppies in the same tank to create a unique guppies of your own.

During the observation of the female guppies, if you see a large fish’s abdomen and a dark black spot appear near the gonads of the fish, it means that the fish is about to give birth. You should fish the mother to a separate tank because the big fish can eat the new baby.

To ensure a high proportion of juvenile guppies, you should put the moss into the tank to hide and this is also the source of the original food of the juvenile guppies. After 1-2 weeks or more, you can supplement fish food pellets.

7-color fish raised in a favorable environment can live for 2-3 years. However, if the life expectancy of the guppies in your tank is about 1 year or more, then you have been judged as an excellent fish handler.

Above is our share of: Guppies and how to breed guppies are less likely to die. Hopefully, our share has helped you better understand this type of aquarium fish. If you have any further questions, please contact us for advice on the most necessary information.

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