Guide to selecting fertilizer for indoor plants in pots

Home plants in pots are usually plants with few nutritional needs, and the plants will get nutrients in the water we add daily to live and grow. However, to grow beautiful plants, we need to provide more fertilizer for plants. Fertilizing plants in pots should pay attention to the time of fertilizing the plants, the type of fertilizer.

Time to fertilize the tree

The supply of fertilizer to the plant should follow the process, otherwise it will counteract, leading to plants rotting. First of all we need to choose the right time to fertilize the tree, when we put the plant into the pot we only need to add water on a daily basis, do not fertilize in this period, if applied during this period by the tree Not adapted to the new environment, adding fertilizer will lead to rotting plants.

When a plant grows in a water pot, the nutrient content in the water is not sufficient for the growth of the plant, so the plant only exists, and no further development, if we want the plant to grow. You need to add fertilizer to the tree.

Select the fertilizer type for the plant

Fertilizers for potted plants are not as simple as plants on the ground, water plants are usually soft, easy to rot root. So we need to choose the urea fertilizer is very low. It is best to go to an aquarium shop to buy a special tank for aquarium fish.

Fertilizer for plants under water

When the tree does not grow anymore, the color is not bright. This is the time when we need to add fertilizer to the plant. After obtaining the appropriate fertilizer, we apply fertilizer to the tree. Leave the old water, then direct the fertilizer into the pot. About 1 tablespoon of coffee for a single application. However, depending on the number of plants in the pot, we can give more if large pots plant more trees. If the small pots are planted, we will only make the pots smaller. The amount of fertilizer is determined by the plant pot, not the number of plants in the pot. After fertilizing about 1 hour later, we carry out water change for the tree, when changing water we still leave the fertilizer in the pot.

Rattlesnake and fennel plants are easy to grow under water

Rattlesnake: Eger Densa is widely known and popular. It is relatively easy to grow, grows fast, and can occupy a lot of space. Therefore, when planting, you should pay attention to pruning. Nutrition with this plant is not high, do not care too much, you can drop the tree freely in water, not necessarily down to the ground.

Spoon: Spoon is a kind of stalk, average height from 5 to 15 cm, easy to grow and care. For low light environments, trees will grow taller, but for strong lighting environments, the plant will grow stronger than height. The root system of the herb grows well, so you need the background to be large. Fodder grass is a plant but it can be said that this plant grows better on land than in water, so when choosing choose plants that have long and smooth leaves. Do not choose to buy new trees, when the water will be easy to die suddenly dipped in water.

Fertilizing the plants in the basin is not too difficult, the difficulty in choosing the right fertilizer.

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