Decorated sweet potato plants have yellow leaf disease

Sweet potato is one of the food plants but is also a ornamental tree for indoor decoration, they fit into tubers for processing dishes, just for the leaves to cook soup to cool, just as a tree Our indoor decoration scene. However, sweet potato plants often have yellow leaf disease and this article will show you how to identify and cure sweet potato plants with yellow leaf disease.

Leaf gold is a disease that plants often get, and to treat root disease in the crop in general and sweet potato in particular, we have to know the cause of yellow disease is then find ways to do it. treatment of known causes of sweet potato disease.

1. The cause of yellow leaf disease on sweet potatoes is ornamental ornamental plants

Talking about the cause of yellow leaf disease in sweet potatoes, they have two main causes, the first cause is nutritional deficiencies, the second cause is excess water and lack of light.

Decorated sweet potato plants lack nutrition leading to yellow leaves

All plants need nutrition to be able to grow well enough to reach themselves and cope with the harsh weather. Sweet potato plants need important nutrients in the soil to grow, if our soil is too dry, we need to provide the necessary nutrients for the soil. Most fertilizers for decorative garden plants in the present ingredients have all the necessary nutrients for the development of the crop in general and sweet potato plants for decoration in the garden in particular.

Sweet potato plants have yellow leaves because of excess water

If the drainage system in the garden is not good, the residue of water in the garden will cause the plant to become yellowish, if we do not overcome this problem well, the plants in the garden will turn yellow. Leaf gold in this case, the plant is still stout but suddenly turns to yellow leaves quickly. Just after a day of waterlogged, the sweet potato leaves will quickly turn yellow. We should check the drainage system regularly to solve this problem.

There are also cases where sweet potato plants are yellowed because the plants are not provided with sufficient light. Light is necessary to grow photosynthesis, when lack of light, sweet potato leaves will gradually turn yellow, not only leaves but whole stalks of sweet potatoes will gradually turn yellow, plants will not vitality.

2. How to overcome the yellow leaf situation in sweet potato plants

When we know the cause of yellow leaf in sweet potato, it is easy to overcome them. If yellow leaves because of lack of nutrients, we supply them by adding fertilizer to sweet potato plants. Apply more fertilizer by gently loosening the soil layer on the surface of the sweet potato, then putting fertilizer in and then filling the soil gently, avoiding affecting the root system of the sweet potato plant.

If the sweet potato leaves yellow because of inundation and lack of light, we need to conduct a drainage system, while increasing the intensity of light. This is to increase the photosynthesis intensity of the plant, thereby helping the plant quickly drain the amount of water in the trunk and in the plant’s habitat, improving the cells in the plant that have been destroyed when they are submerged in water.

Leaf yellowing in sweet potato causes the sweet potato plant’s vitality to be reduced and productivity is low. We need to care for and take care of sweet potato plants every day, especially in areas with low fertility and low fertility.

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